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It all began in 1903 with two ladies and one dream

Built in the Edwardian period and charmingly named Teahouse in the Woods. First operated by two ladies, The Williams sisters originally leased the Tea House from the Petwood Estate for just £5 a year. The Misses Williams were charming hostesses, wearing long, lavender coloured gowns with little muslin aprons and picture hats. The Misses came each year to manage the Tea House for the season until 1913 when it was reported they had ‘bought it outright’.

1903 - 1940's

When Woodhall spa’s famous Tea house first opened. Edwardian England was at its elegant height and the village was already popular with visitors. Dainty teas where the order of the day, served in delicate violet patterned China and customers could also browse in the lending library. The building also housed a tasteful Fancy Goods shop with some of the Misses Williams embroidery on display. The veranda was edged with attractive, slim wooden arches with rustic tables set out on the lawns. Behind the building there is a path, running alongside a stream, which stretches past the Petwood hotel grounds and is a pleasant stroll along the side of the Bracken Golf Course.

1940's - 1980's

The Tea house remained under the Williams sisters until 1949 when Frank & Thelma Harriman became the new management before purchasing the freehold two years later. The Harriman's extended the Tea House and could now serve teas indoors all year round. The Tea House remained popular with visitors and local people and having successfully ran the tea house the Harriman's decided to sell in 1973 and sold to Mr & Mrs Archer. Mary & Toney extended the Tea House further to incorporate a dance floor and raised platform for performers.

1980's - 2000's

Finally after 80 years the Tea House's wooden veranda became in dire need of repair and with the upkeep becoming very costly. The old wooden veranda was replaced with with a more modern, solid, round arcade veranda. The new verandah with it’s attractive arches, the Tea House could now comfortably seat 100 people in the pleasant & peaceful surroundings but still retain the Tea House old world charm. As times where changing the Archers soon realised the importance of making the Tea house more family friendly by extending the offerings and introducing a morning coffee, lunch, afternoon & high teas and evening grills menu. Now fully licensed it had became truly much more then just a Tea house. The Archers final improvement (A stone fireplace) was made in the early 80’s to give the tea house a "country club feel"

2000's - 2020's

On the retirement of the Archers in March 2003 GN Construction purchased the Tea house and sought tenants for the business. First were the Macauley family, Liz Macauley inserting her family name into the business title as " Macauley's at the Tea House". Liz installed five new booths along the back wall and one in front of the stone fireplace. An emphasis was put on restaurant meals. Liz Macauley had five successful years from 2003 - 2008. It was then taken over by Liz's son Sean Macauley who then sold the tenancy to Jamal Hussein in April 2011. Jamal remodelled the tea house re-inventing the restaurant as "Ristorante al Parco” at the Tea House in the woods. The absence of the Tea House was keenly felt and in 2014 the Italian idea migrated successfully to Horncastle. Woodhall’s oldest traditional Tea House & restaurant was reborn under the stewardship of Natalie & Stephen.